"Becoming Parents" Meetings

All year round.


The "Becoming Parents" meetings give to future mums and dads practical tips on how to prepare the arrival of their baby.


They are performed in the store, their duration is around one and a half hour and tackle the main topics on pregnancy, nursing and the return of the baby at home.


Moreover, they suggest practical topics, from "how to do" to "what I need", all coming from the exchange with the experts of the world of the child, from the paediatrician to the midwife, from the psychologist to the orthodontist.


At the end of the meeting, all the participants will be gifted with the "From nursing to newborn's care" issued by the Chicco Observatory and a few samples of Chicco products.


Contact the Chicco Store closest to you to be informed on the date of the next meeting, to guide you in the extraordinary adventure of “Becoming Parents”!







"Becoming Grandparents" Meetings

All year round.


Grandparents act as a reference during the child's life and a precious support for mum and dad, considering that in almost all the families both parents work. Grandparents, thus, either if they take care of their grandson for many hours every day, or when they are invoked if any critical situation occurs, are always a safety net for parents.


The "Becoming Grandparents" meetings are held by the specialized staff of Chicco Stores, duly trained, and offer to grandparents the chance to tackle practical topics, from "how it's done" to "what's this for": like a review, that tracks the key stages of childhood, from pregnancy to the first months of the baby, providing updated information thanks to the most recent advice coming from the medicine and paediatrics, on which the quality and safety standards of Chicco products themselves are based on. During the meeting it will be possible to discover the whole world of Chicco products, able to blend practicality and safety, for equipping the grandparent's home with whatever it may be needed to welcome their arriving grandson.


Furthermore, all the grandparents attending the course, will receive the Grandparents Baby Card, a special card will grant them the access to exclusive discounts and promotions.


Contact the Chicco Store closest to you to be informed on the date of the next meeting.