2012: a new Chicco di Felicità for a 2012 even more full of love

More than 130,000 persons decided to be testimonial of the “Chicchi di Felicità for special children”.


More than 130,000 persons decided to be testimonial of the “Chicchi di Felicità for special children”, born from the collaboration between Chicco and Ai.Bi. seeking to support adoption, which are today dropping more than ever and raise funds for providing information, training and aid of couples and children towards a special adoption.


And, from today, Chicco di Felicità becomes a bracelet, complete with a fading and adjustable tube, it's perfect if worn alone r with other bracelets, for a really glamour and slightly 1970s mood.


Whoever likes to customize can remove the fading tube by keeping only the Chicco di Felicità pendant that, through its handy ring, can be hooked everywhere and become for anybody is wearing it the proof of their care for the world of the child.


Chicco di Felicità has become, actually,  a trendy charm which distinguishes and unites all "Chicco Fans".


The new pendant is sold in all Chicco Stores for 3 euro, a small contribution for a great help for all "special children" who will have he chance to live and grow in the warmth of a real family.




Further than the new version, in some selected Chicco Shops it will be possible to buy also the Chicco di Felicità velvet edition bracelets in 10 different colours at the special price of 6 euro.

To be part of the community just access the solidarity section of the Chicco.com website and post a picture showing the precious pendant worn with proud with your best smile or together with your friends. The Chicco di Felicità will mark a fashion icon during 2012 as worn by fans, but primarily, it will continue to bring happiness, and gifting anyone wearing it with a good mood and blessing many parents and "special" children with a genuine family.