2010-2011: Chicchi di Felicità for special children

The “Chicchi di Felicità for special children” project is starting, it's the new initiative from Chicco and Ai.Bi. to support the "special needs" adoptions.


Since 2010, consistently with the collaboration path dating back to 2003, Chicco has decided to support Ai.Bi. in its new commitment for Special Children. They are infants in particular conditions: children older than 7 years, large number of siblings, diverse health issues, several of which apt to be solved over time. The search for families suitable to be involved in an adoption path of such a kind implies a specialized support for which Chicco intend to give its contribution: specific training psychological support and aid from the moment child and couple are matched up to the post-adoption period.


The symbol of the project is the Chicco of Felicità, a gracious chrome metal pendant to be worn and kept with you at all times Chicco di Felicità is a tangible sign of its closeness to the world of children and of the solid commitment to helping all those children whose life is more difficult than others. It is available in all Chicco Stores for a mere 3 Euro donation. Help us, so that a lot of people can believe in it, just like us.


The more of us there are, the more we can do! Because happiness is like a seed that is created from small gestures. We can help it become a plant with a marvellous fruit.