All the amazing toys are born in the most magical places

Discover the new wooden toys of Chicco


An opportunity to experiment with new stimuli.

Chicco Wood offers products from delicate texture and weight, giving the child the opportunity to experiment different skills and perceive new stimuli.


Experience all the pleasure and the value of playing together.

Thanks to their features, the wooden toys of Chicco encourage socialization, discussion and cooperative behavior. They are therefore ideal for playing both in the family and with peers.


High-quality products, made with selected and certified materials.

Made of wood from sustainably managed forests, painted with water colors and recycled carton packaging.


Specific toys to accompany the child's growth from 1 to 2 years of age.

12m+: The discovery of the environment around. 

18m+: Knowing the objects and their parts. 

24m+: Imagine and create with the imagination.